Long Branch Campground, Center Hill Lake, TN

Our first “official” trip (if we don’t count the drive home from Texas and overnight at Walmart in Arkansas!) was to the Caney Fork River, just below the Center Hill Lake Dam in Tennessee. We stayed at the Long Branch Campground. We had a great spot right next to the stairs heading down to the river. The weather was perfect, fishing was great and the water was surprisingly freezing!

We caught 11 rainbow trout and a few brown trout using salmon eggs and red worms as bait…and they were delicious!

Because it was a close trip, I followed behind in the truck and carried 3 kayaks and other supplies. Mark and the kids were able to take a 6 mile kayak ride down the Caney Fork River.

RV issues we found:

  1. Need a separate propane tank to run our portable grill – won’t hook into RV propane
  2. Noticed mud flaps were not secured and rubbing against rear tires
  3. Rear fuel tank does not take fuel properly (ongoing issue)
  4. Leveling jacks show error message after retracted and sound an alarm until acknowledged, but are fully retracted

It was a great “practice” trip for us and we are learning how everything works, what we need, what we don’t need, etc.

We would definitely go back to this campground again!





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