Montgomery and Troy, Alabama

No pics on this one, but we had a couple of days in Alabama where we met with some missionaries, spoke at 5 morning church services and one luncheon, had an afternoon meeting all in Montgomery and then an evening church meeting in Troy! Super busy day but a great time. We started the trek back to Franklin that evening and finished the trip Monday morning, September 5th. Came home and celebrated Aegis’s birthday, did lots of laundry, saw a couple of friends and some family, got the RV fixed (AGAIN), packed everything we forgot on the first part of the trip and headed back out September 7th. Next stop – Arkansas! 

Currently there’s only one RV fix that is outstanding: Leveling jacks have a bad hydraulic line that we pray won’t fail while we are on the road. 

  1. Fuel line kinks – fixed
  2. Water tank kink – fixed
  3. Front fan motor – replaced
  4. Dinette valance – reattached
  5. Dinette shades – reattached
  6. Rear toilet seat – new pins drilled and in working order 

We love our RV but we realize it literally is a rolling earthquake made of paper mache. Everything will fall apart, come loose, or need fixing! 

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