Santa Fe, New Mexico

After unhooking from the Grapevine campground, we stayed over in a Walmart parking lot in Plano so Mark could get to an early meeting the next morning. Once he was finished, we loaded up and headed for New Mexico! On our way, Christela spotted some cars sticking out of the ground… We didn’t realize that it was the Cadillac ranch! We did a U-turn and went and visited this iconic site.

We made it into Santa Fe and found parking not far from the Plaza. We walked around, had lunch, looked at all the goods for sale, and visited two different churches. The Cathedral Basilica and the Loretto Chapel – known for its “miraculous stairway”. 

Then we had chocolate 😉

From there, we headed to Durango, Colorado! 

The drive from New Mexico to Colorado was beautiful and was so great seeing the kids experience so much different terrain for the first time. 

Shockingly, we spent the night in another Walmart parking lot. 😂

Durango and Silverton are up next! 

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