Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

After leaving Durango, we headed to Mesa Verde. We set up camp at the Mesa Verde RV park. The only spot they had left was a shorter pad that we *just* fit on, though they did have some larger pull throughs in a different location. The park is all gravel pads and many weren’t super level. They had water and electric only at our site but there was a dump station not far. Not our favorite spot but mostly because of the gravel and short site, but, it was only about a mile from the park entrance! We arrived later in the evening so we set up and went to bed. 

The next morning we got on our scooters and headed into the park! The night before we had watched the Noah Justice Mesa Verde episode (part of our roadschool curriculum) so it was very interesting to see it in person!

The views on the ride up were amazing. 

First we went to Cliff Palace. 

After that we rode over to Balcony House. This one required us to climb tall ladders and crawl through small caves! Well worth it! 

On our way back out of the park a coyote walked right past us about 10 feet away,  but quickly darted into the brush before I could get a picture. Very cool! 

We unhooked the next morning and started toward the Grand Canyon, but decided instead to drive a little north and go to Page, Colorado to see the Glen Canyon Dam and raft down the Colorado River. Coming in the next post! 

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