Grand Canyon, Arizona

Before arriving at the Grand Canyon, we watched the Noah Justice Awesome Science Grand Canyon episode. Tons of information about the science and history of it from a creation/Biblical standpoint. Mark fully geeked out at the plethora of science facts in Noah’s videos. 

After sleeping at the Grand Canyon Camper Village RV park, we did some quick schoolwork and then hopped on the scooters and headed into the Grand Canyon National Park! 

Our first view of the canyon was from Mathers Point. 

We had spent the last four days seeing some incredible scenery and beautiful canyons, but this place was truly grand.  We were left speechless at God’s creation. 

We scooted over to the Kaibab trailhead and began our hike down to Ooh Ahh Point. We highly recommend if you are visiting the Grand Canyon, to take a few hours to get “below the rim.” It gives you a completely different perspective of the immensity of this park. We made our way down to Ooh Ahh Point, and while we had walked a mile and a half, we really just scratched the surface of the Canyon. 

After hanging out at the point for a while and watching the mule trains come by, we decided to head back up. 

Hiking tip from Mark: don’t wear 10 year old Chuck Taylor’s to hike down the Grand Canyon wall. 😂😂😂

Consider a pair of good hiking shoes, lots of water and some snacks before venturing down. 

Bonus tip: If you are afraid of heights, this hike may not be ideal for you. 😂

Of course we took a minute to make friends with the mules! 

After our hike, we rode up to see the Tusayan ruins and museum and then onto the Desert Watchtower. 

It gave us an excellent view of the Canyon as well as the Colorado River. 

We scooted around to a few other spots before grabbing dinner at the Bright Angel restaurant (which we wouldn’t recommend) but we got some great shots before the sun went down. 

We also saw a ton of elk! We only grabbed these shots as many of them we saw were while we were driving. 

We finally made the chilly scooter ride back to our campsite. We were a little sunburnt, a little dusty, a little tired, but it was so worth it! 

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon, Arizona

  1. Not sure if you are still in that area but go to Williams AZ, not too far from Grand Canyon. Williams is on Route 66. Also they have Bearizona. It’s a Zoo with bears, birds, bison, coyotes etc… And they have a drive thru park as well. You drive yourself or hop on one of their busses. You guys would love it! Also I homeschool our daughter and did almost the exact same curriculum at that age. Not the history and science but Abeka and Saxon. What an adventure you all are having.


    1. We weren’t able to fit this in, but it’s on the list for the next time we are in the area!!! Thanks for the tip!!!
      Love abeka and Saxon. Realizing that I can *slack* a little on the history, geography, geology and science because we are IN it every day!


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