The Motorcoach Resort, Arizona

This place is awesome! We rolled in about 8:30pm and grabbed our welcome letter from the mailbox on the park sign. We were welcomed by the dim lights of the fountain in the center of the park. The entire park is either paved or concrete with sand dunes, plantings, palm trees, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs throughout. The bathrooms are security coded entry and are individual air conditioned rooms with a shower, toilet, sink and bench. 

The park is situated close to the interstate which might bother some people but not us. There is RV storage and repair next door with a mobile tech. 

We were one of only a few other RV’s so it was great for the kids to run around and play while Mark got some work done. 


And inside! 

We also knocked out some school. 

On Thursday, after some meetings, we grabbed lunch at Pita Jungle (YUM!!!) and then were able to check out the Plexus Headquarters in Scottsdale! Loved visiting the company headquarters that I work for! (

Grabbed an uber home, played, had dinner and watched the sunset. 

I got some alone time to work on Plexus while everyone else hung out outside. 

Also, I cleaned the house today. Took about 10 minutes. THAT is easy living! 

The last day of our stay, I washed and braided Christela’s hair – you can see this style and more at

Then we had dinner with some great friends we haven’t seen in a long time. 

Off to California! 

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