How do we school while traveling? 

There’s a learning curve, but it’s pretty much two things:

  1. Any time Mark has meetings, conference calls or emails to answer, we will do school. 
  2. Everywhere we go there is something to learn! The weather, the topography, the history, etc. 

We are also getting better at doing school anywhere and anytime! 

The subjects we tackle most often are Language, Cursive, History, Science and Geography. We are doing some Math, but not a ton because we were already ahead from starting Math during summer break so we keep up skills but aren’t diving into new stuff. 

How do I keep it all organized?

This guy right here. The Tact Squad Police Car Seat Organizer. We have two of them – one for each kid – and they hang on the back of the driver and passenger seats in the truck. They hold so much and have many pockets and pouches for easy organizing. 

I bought them on Amazon here:

Everything can be made into a teaching/learning experience which is the point of getting out of the classroom/homeschool room and exploring the world! 

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