Newport Beach, CA

After leaving Arizona, we made our way to Palm Springs, then Riverside, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. We stayed at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, which is a great park! Full hook ups and nice level pads. Downside is there are a lot of ants, but we took the local advice and sprinkled Comet/Ajax around all the tires and leveling jacks. No more ants! 

The water was a bit cold, but the beach was fun to play on, and the pool was a nice temperature. We spent about 5 days at this park and were able to visit with family, friends and Mark had a number of Hands and Feet meetings. 

Our favorite joint to eat was definitely Crocker’s The Abundant Table on Balboa Island. 

We rented a four person bicycle, scooted around the island, took the ferry, marveled at the huge waves, and even had a private boat ride on a friend’s Duffy. 

We even got to grab dinner and watch the sunset at the famous Shake Shack on the PCH! 

Newport Beach was awesome! 

We checked out of the park and headed to Huntington Beach where we shopped, ate, hung with the cutest puppy, and played in the ocean with some friends. Then we headed to a Walmart to sleep before heading to a memorial service for Roger Cochran, Mark’s sister’s father in law. It was a great service and we left inspired and encouraged by Roger’s incredible life and hope in Jesus.

Off to Ventura! 

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