Mammoth Lakes, CA

We drove from Napa and spent one night in South Lake Tahoe before heading to Mammoth. The sunset was beautiful! 

After some smore’s by the fire – with a raccoon trying to get our marshmallows – we slept at the Historic Camp Richardson campground and headed towards Mammoth the next morning. 

The drive (like almost all the others!) was beautiful!! 

We showed up, in the hopes there would be some open spots, at the Twin Lakes Campground. The host, Ronnie, said to drive around and see what we could find! The roads are very tight and most spots were too short for us, however, we found a spot behind the second lake with a great view, tons of trees and even some snow, as we backed up to the side of the mountain. All sites were labeled as to how long they were available for so we had a number of choices! It was dry camping with no hookups, forest pads, picnic table and fire pit. Ronnie came around later on to check us in, give us the lay of the land, park tips and she even brought the kids some stickers and gave us some firewood. She was a fabulous host! 

We cooked dinner over the fire and had some smore’s before Mark headed out to a meeting. Yes! That’s snow!! 

The next morning we rented mountain bikes. Not a great idea at almost 8,900 ft elevation 😂

We rode up to Twin Falls and then to Lake Mamie. 

Then we rode up even further and found some snow, bear tracks and another lake. Beautiful! 

We headed back to the campsite and stopped on the bridge to our campground to get a sweet shot of our scooters. 

Then dinner and off to bed before heading to Zion National Park! 

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