Zion National Park

The drive from Mammoth to Zion wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be. We ended up on a mountain pass with zero cell service, tons of s-curves, steep grades and at one point, it went down to a one lane road. And of course we drove it at night in complete darkness! The road redeemed itself, however, when we pulled off at a turn out and just stared up into the sky. The amount of stars that we could see was astounding. I’ve never seen that many stars in my life! 

We slept in a Walmart parking lot and the  next morning continued towards Zion! We had a hard time finding an RV park that wasn’t booked and would take same day reservations, so we took a chance and drove almost all the way to the park entrance and stopped at Zion Canyon Campground to see if they had any first come, first serve spaces. Lucky for us, they did! We got a fairly level gravel pad with water and electric. We were right next to a small river and surrounded by mountains. 


We got set up and headed into the park. 

We only had time for one hike that’s evening, so we hopped on the free park shuttle and drove towards the Weeping Rock. On the way we saw many does with their babies and this one buck! 

Another beautiful place with great scenery. It never gets old! 

The Weeping Rock trail is short and not too steep. It’s sort of a carved out area that is just dripping and raining down with a hanging garden above (which proved very hard to get a good photo of) and a great view out! 

We made it back just before the last shuttle out, and were able to stop at the outfitter at the entrance to Zion to rent water boots, neoprene socks and walking sticks for hiking the Narrows. 

The next morning we got packed up and headed for The Narrows with our super fancy shoes! 

We hiked a mile up to the start of the Narrows and then hiked around 2-3 miles up river, and then back down. The entire one way is just under 16 miles but we weren’t prepared for that and were warned of a coming storm that could cause flash flooding and were advised not to stay too late in the Narrows! 

The water was cold, but not too deep and the shoes were an awesome help. Like everywhere we’ve been, it was beautiful! Plus it was a super fun and adventurous hike! 

Such an awesome experience! We were all cold and worn out after this hike, so we called it a day, ate some dinner at the Whiptail Grill and headed back to the campsite. 

We considered doing a hike the next morning, but it was already raining so we opted to just start heading towards Bryce Canyon. The drive out of Zion was beautiful…of course! 

Off to Bryce Canyon!

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