Breckenridge, Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway, Grand Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

From Utah we made our way towards Colorado and ended up in Breckenridge at the Tiger Run resort. The drive, once again, was beautiful! 

Tiger Run Resort had level concrete pads, full hookups, indoor swimming pool/hot tubs, mix between RV sites and chalets. It was a super nice park just outside Breckenridge and not far from Frisco! We enjoyed walking around both downtowns, grabbing lunch and drinks/sweets at the local restaurants and coffee shops. 

We rented a car so that we could explore the area and make it up to the national park and driving on the Scenic Byway! 

We made it to the Continental Divide where we froze and got winded just walking to the Scenic overlook (hello altitude!). 

We took a drive and I don’t even know where we were, but we found this amazing waterfall that poured into a lagoon and it was green and gorgeous. Pics don’t do it justice! 

We loved finding lakes at such high altitude just beautiful and calm. 

We took the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway and headed up to Grand Lake where we had lunch at the Pine, oooh’d and ahhhh’d at the lakeside cabins and then hiked up to Adam Falls. And saw a double rainbow on the drive! #doublerainbow #whatdoesitmean?!? 

Adam Falls was really pretty! 

Rocky Mountain National Park! Got to see some beautiful wildlife and some amazing scenery. The weather changes minute by minute and it was blue skies and then all of a sudden overcast and raining. Made for some great photos! 

We saw these gentlemen on the way out…can you see all four? 

Took the super scenic highway 40 through Winter Park back to Breckenridge. 

Not pictured is Aspen because we got there in the evening and the trees had already all dropped their leaves. So, instead I’ll leave you with this memorable photo:

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