Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons

We haven’t taken any huge trips since our epic 3 month trip last fall, but have taken a few shorter ones to Pennsylvania over Christmas and then did a trip to Florida/Georgia/South Carolina/North Carolina in Feb-March revolving around work events. 

We planned a big summer trip around a work thing Mark had in Montana for this summer and were supposed to leave the 22nd of June. Unfortunately we were delayed by a week due to frustrating incompetence from Camping World and almost scrapped this trip altogether but we rallied and decided to salvage what we could even though we had to rearrange our schedule, pay a number of cancellation fees and figure out how to do this trip with no refrigerator. šŸ˜¬

We ended up buying two Coleman Thermoelectric coolers from Walmart and they are AWESOME! When we drive, they plug into our cigarette lighters and when we are on shore power or generator, they plug into the outlet using the adapter. They really saved us in the food department! When driving, one slides under the dinette and one sits on the rear facing booth. When parked and slides are out, they sit side by side below the cab over bunk. 

After reconfiguring our trip, we drove as much as possible and overnighted at Walmarts in Kansas City, Missouri, North Platte, Nebraska and Rock Springs, Wyoming before arriving and checking in to the campground at Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons. The campground is nice, but has gravel spaces and our space was particularly unlevel. No biggie though. We were very close to the marina and rented a boat one of the days, did lots of fishing, and we had our Yamaha Vino scooters with us so we were able to explore the park! We also spent some time in Jackson Hole and went whitewater rafting which was so much fun! Definite stops need to be: 

Jackson Lodge – we ate lunches there a few times and hiked the short trail in the back where we saw two moose! Oxbow Bend is beautiful if there is no wind – the reflection is amazing! Signal Mountain is a windy steep road but the views from the top were worth it. Mormon Row is an old homestead with friendly ground squirrels and a great place to take some pics. The south entrance is a long gravel road filled with potholes so go in the other entrance!!! Wildflowers are everywhere and the purple ones smell like hyacinth to me. Take lots of hikes – the views from everywhere are incredible! 

Scenery was beautiful and the weather was perfect! Mosquitos are HUGE so bug spray is a must along with bear spray. There are lots of great healthy food options as well around the park. Here are some of my favorite pics! 


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