Yellowstone National Park

Driving from park to park is probably one of my favorite parts of traveling because everything is so beautiful even just from the road. 

This was our first time to Yellowstone and we absolutely loved it. We stayed in West Yellowstone first and then stayed at Fishing Bridge. On our short 6 days there we saw Elk, Mule Deer, Deer, Bison, Bald Eagles, Moose, a Coyote, a pack of Wolves, Big Horn Sheep, Black Bears and a Grizzly Bear. There were other small animals and many birds of course. The wildflowers were also in abundance and between those and the pine trees, the smell in the air was incredible. Yellowstone is huge, and because we didn’t tow a car, we ended up renting one for a day and got to see so much more of the park than we could with just our scooters.

We toured a lot of the geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and fumerals which you can see mostly on paved paths and/or boardwalks.  They were fascinating, beautiful…and very stinky! The Yellowstone Inn is huge and mind blowing that it’s all made out of wood. We watched Old Faithful from the viewing area as well as a second time from the patio at the Inn after we had dinner there. We went and saw petrified tree, and also hiked a few of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone trails. Uncle Tom’s trail was difficult with all the stairs, but worth it!

Again, the mosquitos here were huge and numerous so having good bug spray is a must. They bite right through your clothes. Also, decent binoculars and/or a scope is essential for seeing wildlife up close. We were able to watch a pack of 8 wolves hunt a herd of elk one evening on the prairie. It was like watching a National Geographic documentary. We went horseback riding one afternoon and saw some of the back country, along with a herd of elk that weren’t scared of us or the horses – just watched us intently has we slowly walked by. The kids also did the Junior Ranger program. Always important, educational and fun to do! 

I’ve been asked which is my favorite – Yosemite or Yellowstone. It’s like asking me which kid I like better! They’re very different and I love them both! Definitely would recommend experiencing both. 

Here are my favorite pics!

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