Montana, Mt. Rushmore and The Badlands

After leaving Yellowstone we headed to Billings, Montana and checked into the Billings KOA Holiday. It is super nice and for $10/day the kids were able to play an unlimited amount of miniature golf as well as rent crazy fun 3 and 4 wheeler bikes. 

Mark had a work thing all week so I rented a car so the kids and I could explore! We learned all about The Battle of Little Bighorn, drove down beautiful roads in the middle of nowhere, visited Red Lodge, saw more animals at the Yellowstone Animal Sanctuary, and made the trek up to Beartooth Pass. (Worth the drive!!

We started the journey home from Billings and stopped in at Mt. Rushmore. 

We spent the night in a Cracker Barrel parking lot and the next morning we celebrated exactly one year of owning an RV and then cried at the fact that our warranty is now expired. 😂 

This photo is the day we bought our RV…

And exactly one year later!

From this Cracker Barrel we pushed onward and made a short stop for lunch and a drive through the Badlands National Park.  

A few more long drives and we made it back to Tennessee. Our electric coolers saved the day and Camping World is currently finishing up all the warranty work. 

We are planning our next trip already! 

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