Who We Are


We are a family of 4 from Middle Tennessee that decided to embark on a new adventure spending much of our time exploring the endless beauty of America, meeting new and old friends, and building our bond as a family. So, naturally, moving into a 30’x10′ box on wheels makes perfect sense, right? …seriously though, right? ….Guys?  Bueller?

Our RV lifestyle started part time in 2016. Our love of adventure and passion for family is still going strong and we are now a full-time RV family. We made some sacrifices by being houseless and living in an RV, but we believe the “power of moments” is more important than the “security” and “comforts” of a stationary house at this point in our lives.


Now for some introductions:

Mark is the original lead singer of the Grammy award winning band Audio Adrenaline and a co-founder of The Hands and Feet Project. He is passionate about Haiti, church, family, and being awesome. He enjoys sports, writing music, national parks and every Ken Burns documentary ever made. He also loves when his wife makes a simple spaghetti with meat sauce…and cookies…and cakes. Basically he loves anything that she makes and everything that she does…who is writing this bio, anyway? 🙂

Mark Stuart head shot

Aegis is a hair-braiding, homeschooling mom, currently teaching 5th grade to her kids while helping others get healthy as a Plexus Ambassador. (shameless plug) She enjoys cooking/baking, all the arts, the mountains (specifically Yellowstone and Yosemite) and taking long walks…anywhere. She is completely OCD about food and health and her kids think she could probably lighten up a bit…but she won’t. She finds humor in everything and has a deep desire to live outside of “normal”.  (not Illinois)


Journey is a Harry Potter loving, basketball playing 5th grader who devours all the sweet treats his mom makes. (obviously, from the above bio, these treats are made from scratch with 100% organic, non-gmo, dairy free ingredients and are naturally delicious) He is an avid reader, information collector and Bible enthusiast. He is currently a 3rd degree green belt in Taekwondo and has an extensive knife collection. His machete from Haiti is the pinnacle of his weapon arsenal…so far. (Don’t even THINK about breaking into our RV)


Christela is a hip hop dancing 5th grader who loves playing the drums and all things musical and creative. Gymnastics is her favorite thing and she loves competing on her tumbling team! She is a wonderful encourager, excellent hugger, and loves to give gifts. She is freakishly strong so luckily we will never need to worry about bear attacks. Bear spray is for sissies. (sooooo…we will still carry some because Mark and I are sissies)


God put it on our hearts to do something extraordinary…something daring…and maybe a little bit crazy? We want our kids to remember their childhood as adventurous and know that taking healthy risks can lead to an epic life. They already tell stories and recall the good (and hard!) memories of the trips we’ve taken. We have the opportunity to do something most people dream about, so we are jumping in with great expectations!

Thanks for coming along on the ride with us!



7 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Such an inspiration! So excited for you all and this experience. I know it will create many memories and motivate others to get of their butts:) Love the blog and excited to watch your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Will you guys be speaking around the Orange County area of California? If so let me know where. Would love to invite people to hear the great things you guys are doing.


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