Our RV

We did a major upgrade to our RV situation! I’m pretty in love with the new one. (Scroll down to see what we previously had)

Meet Theodore! AKA “Ted”. Ted is a 2018 Dynamax Force 37bh HD. We have a king bed! Bunk beds! Solar power! Tons of storage! The list of plus’s goes on and on. We will be flat towing a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

The outside:


The inside: (Ted has the optional theater seats and fireplace/tv IPO the loveseat)


The former: When we did this part time, we were cruising in a 2016 Thor Four Winds 35sf. We towed two Yamaha Vino scooters using a swivel wheel motorcycle trailer. This RV was named “Todd”. When something went wrong, we referred to him as “Friggin’ Todd”.

The outside:


The inside:


Todd served us well, but we realized a few things…

  1. Having two toilets that do NOT combine into the same black tank is DUMBBBBB.  No-one wants to dump twice!
  2. With the kids sleeping in the cab-over bunk, there was no place for us to hang out after they went to bed since they were basically in the living room.
  3. Though Todd was nice, we felt more like we were camping, and less like we were living in a home…if that makes sense.

I’m sure there were other annoying things, but those were the biggest ones. Despite his shortcomings, Todd provided priceless memories for our family and carried us from the East Coast to the West Coast and back. We are thankful for the time we had with him, but we are excited about moving forward! (Just in case Todd ever reads this, we don’t want him to feel bad) 🤣


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